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The Same Color Illusion

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The Same Color Illusion

Are square A and B the same color? They are. Are too.

To verify this, click on the
above image
to see them connected.

The above illusion, called the
same color illusion,
illustrates that purely human observations in science may be
ambiguous or inaccurate.

Even such a seemingly direct perception as relative color.

Similar illusions exist on the sky, such as the
size of the Moon near the horizon,
or the
apparent shapes of astronomical objects.

The advent of automated, reproducible, measuring devices such as
have made science in general and astronomy in particular less prone to,
but not free of,

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da isch echt eini vo de schoenere illusione...
#102404 by @ 18.07.2007 20:43, edited @ 18.07.2007 20:43 - nach oben -
voll, ich hätt fascht gschwört das die nöd di glich farb händ...