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Apollo 11: East Crater Panorama

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Apollo 11: East Crater Panorama


On July 20,
, Apollo 11 astronauts
Neil Armstrong and
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
became the first
to walk on the Moon.

This panorama of their
landing site sweeps across the
magnificent desolation of the
Moon's Sea of Tranquility, with their Lunar Module, the Eagle,
in the background at the far left.

East Crater, about 30 meters wide and 4 meters deep, is
on the right (scroll right), and was so named because it is about 60
meters east of the Lunar Module.

Armstrong had piloted the Eagle safely over the crater.

Near the end of his stay on the
lunar surface Armstrong strayed far
enough from the
Lunar Module to take the pictures
used to construct this wide-angle view, his shadow appearing
at the panorama's left edge.

The object near the middle foreground is a stereo close-up camera.

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