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The Four Suns of HD 98800

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The Four Suns of HD 98800

How would it look to have four suns in the sky?

Planets of the
HD 98800 system,
if they exist, would experience such a view.

HD 98800 is a
multiple star system
about 150 light years from Earth -- right in our section of the
Milky Way Galaxy.

For years it has been known that
HD 98800 consists of two pairs of
double stars,
with one pair surrounded by a disk of dust.

The star pairs are located about 50
from each other -- in comparison just outside the orbit of

Recent data from the Earth-trailing
Spitzer Space Telescope
in infrared light,
however, indicate that the dust disk has gaps that appear consistent with being
cleared by planets orbiting in the disk.

If so, one planet appears to be orbiting at a distance similar to Mars of
our own Solar System.

above is an artist's drawing of how the
HD 98800 system might appear to a nearby observer.

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yeah, 4 sunne; döt muemmer nie früüre
#102517 by @ 03.08.2007 15:37 - nach oben -
Die beiden Binärsonnen sind 50 Astronimische Einheiten auseinander, das heisst die Erde mit einer AE Abstand hätte die zweite Sonne in 49 AE Abstand, die 2te Sonne wäre so hell wie die unser Mond, vielleicht sogar noch dunkler

Die anderen beiden Binärsonnen sind wohl kaum noch als Sonnen zu erkennen, und eher noch als heller Stern am Nachthimmel :) Trotzdem wärs cool in einem Sternensystem mit mehreren Sonnen zu leben :)