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A Total Lunar Eclipse Over North Carolina

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A Total Lunar Eclipse Over North Carolina

This coming Tuesday, our Moon will
appear to disappear.

A similar total lunar eclipse is seen above in a
time lapse image captured in 2003 over
North Carolina,

As the Earth moves between the Moon and the Sun, the
Earth's shadow fell on the moon, making it
quite dark.

In the above picture the Earth's rotation, multiple exposures, and
digital enhancements are used to create a time-lapse effect that dramatizes how the Moon looked as it faded out and re-appeared during the three hour
lunar eclipse.

As the Earth's shadow
engulfed the Moon, the lunar images became less and less bright,
practically disappearing during

At this time, the Moon, which normally shines by
reflecting direct sunlight, shone only by sunlight refracted through the
Earth's atmosphere.

The next total lunar eclipse won't be visible from Earth
until February 2008.

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