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Tungurahua Erupts

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Tungurahua Erupts

Volcano Tungurahua erupted spectacularly last year.

Pictured above,
molten rock so hot it glows visibly pours down the sides of the 5,000-meter high
Tungurahua, while a cloud of
dark ash is seen being ejected toward the left.

Wispy white clouds flow around the
lava-lit peak, while a star-lit sky shines in the distance.

The above image was
captured last year as ash fell around the adventurous photographer.

Located in
Ecuador, Tungurahua has become
active roughly every 90 years since for the last 1,300 years.

Volcano Tungurahua has started erupting again this year and
continues erupting at a lower level even today.

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eifach fantastisch!
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en traum die landschaft döt:
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uaaaa da isch aber chli hüglig!
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toll hä. kein einzige flache fleck. Isch jo no schlimmer als Jassbach.
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i gseh wiit und breit kei Bar. döt müessts mi aso au nöd aneverschloh.