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An X Class Flare Region on the Sun

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An X Class Flare Region on the Sun


Why does the Sun flare?

Unpredictably, our
Sun unleashes tremendous
expelling hot gas into the

that can affect satellites, astronauts, and power grids on Earth.

This close up of an active region on the Sun that produced a powerful
X-class flare
was captured by the orbiting
TRACE satellite.

Clicking on the image should bring up a movie that shows the evolution of
Active Region 9906 over about four hours.

The glowing gas flowing around the relatively stable
loops above the
Sun's photosphere
has a temperature of over ten million degrees

These flows occurred after violently unstable
events above the Sun produced the flare.

Many things about
solar active regions are not well
understood including the presence of
dark regions that appear to move inward during the movie.

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over ten million degrees celsius. do sind jo die -273°C i di ander richtig en muggefurz degäge