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The Fairy of Eagle Nebula

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The Fairy of Eagle Nebula

The dust sculptures of the Eagle Nebula are evaporating.

As powerful starlight whittles away these
cool cosmic mountains, the
statuesque pillars that remain
might be imagined as mythical beasts.

Pictured above is one of several striking
dust pillars
of the
Eagle Nebula
that might be described as a gigantic alien

This fairy, however, is ten
light years tall and spews radiation much hotter than
common fire.

The greater Eagle Nebula, M16,
is actually a giant evaporating shell of gas and
dust inside of which is a growing
cavity filled with a spectacular stellar nursery currently forming an
open cluster of stars.

The above image in scientifically re-assigned colors was

as part of the
fifteenth anniversary celebration of the
launch of the
Hubble Space Telescope.

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