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Apollo 17: Shorty Crater Panorama

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Apollo 17: Shorty Crater Panorama


In December of 1972,
Apollo 17 astronauts
Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt
spent about 75 hours
on the Moon
in the
valley, while colleague Ronald Evans orbited overhead.

This sharp panorama is digitally stitched together from pictures taken
by Cernan as he and Schmitt roamed the
valley floor.

Starting with a view of the imposing South Massif, scrolling the
panorama to the right will
reveal Schmitt and the lunar rover at
the edge of Shorty Crater, near the spot where geologist Schmitt
discovered orange lunar soil.

The Apollo 17 crew returned with 110 kilograms
of rock and soil samples, more than was
returned from any of the other lunar
landing sites.

Now thirty five years later, Cernan and Schmitt are still
the last to walk
on the Moon.

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