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Hurricane Ivan from the Space Station

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Hurricane Ivan from the Space Station

Explanation: Ninety percent of the houses on Grenada were damaged by the destructive force of Hurricane Ivan. At its peak, Ivan was a Category 5 hurricane, the highest power category on the Saffir-Simpson Scale, and created sustained winds in excess of 200 kilometers per hour. Ivan was the largest hurricane to strike the US in 2004, and, so far, the 10th most powerful in recorded history. As it swirled in the Atlantic Ocean, the tremendous eye of Hurricane Ivan was photographed from above by the orbiting International Space Station. The name Ivan has now been retired from Atlantic Ocean use by the World Meteorological Organization. Note: Astronomy lectures by an APOD editor are now available as a free podcast.

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Uf de erscht Blick häts usgseh wie a zwei Wolchechratzer ufeglueget
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genau da hani mir imfall au denkt :D

zwei wolkechratzer wo vomene tornadä ufgsuugt werdet ^^
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dä hemmer schomol gha