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Comet McNaught Over Chile

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Comet McNaught Over Chile

Comet McNaught was perhaps the most photogenic comet of our time.

After making
quite a show in the northern hemisphere
in early January,
the comet moved south and developed a
long and unusual dust tail that
dazzled southern hemisphere observers.

In this image, Comet McNaught was captured one year ago above

The bright comet dominates on the left while
part of its magnificent tail
spreads across the entire picture.

From this vantage point in the Andes Mountains, one looks up toward
and a magnificent sky,
across at a crescent moon,
and down on clouds, atmospheric
and the city lights of

Comet McNaught
has glided into the outer Solar System and is now only visible as a speck
in a large telescope.

The other spectacular comet of 2007,
Comet Holmes, has also faded from easy view.

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