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West Valley Panorama from the Spirit Rover on Mars

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West Valley Panorama from the Spirit Rover on Mars

What does Mars look like from here?

Last September, before hiking across rugged and
slippery terrain to reach its winter hibernation point, the
robotic Spirit rover
climbed a small plateau known as
Home Plate
and captured the spectacular vista
pictured above.

Part of the curious flat-topped Home Plate is visible as the
light colored landscape across the panorama's foreground.

On the image left, visible about eight kilometers in the distance, is
Grissom Hill,
while on the left foreground is rock strewn
Tsiolkovski Ridge.

On the right, at about 800 meters distant, is
Husband Hill,
already explored by Spirit and notable as the
highest point visible in the westward looking panorama.

In the inset is a close-up of a tiny, motionless feature
informally dubbed Little Bigfoot that has
attention for it
superficial appearance to a
humanoid life form.

Tenacious image explorers might locate Little
towards the front left of the
high resolution panorama.

Spirit successfully
its energy-conserving
winter haven in December.

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cool, do gseht mer mol es paar bauteili vo nöchem. s'einte gseht us wiene sunneuhr.