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Columbus Laboratory Installed on Space Station

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Columbus Laboratory Installed on Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) has been equipped with a powerful new scientific laboratory.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis delivered the
Columbus Laboratory
to the ISS
and installed the seven meter long module over the past week.

has ten racks for experiments that can be controlled from the station or the
Columbus Control Center
in Germany.

The first set of experiments includes the
Fluid Science Laboratory
that will explore fluid properties in the
of low Earth orbit, and
Biolab which supports experiments on

Future Columbus experiments include an
atomic clock that will test
minuscule timing effects including those expected by
General Theory of Relativity.

Pictured above, mission specialist
Hans Schlegel
works on the outside of Columbus.

Scientists from all over the world
may propose and carry out experiments to be done on the laboratory during its ten year mission.

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Lunar Eclipse
the night of Feb. 20/21.

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#105588 by @ 20.02.2008 13:53 - nach oben -
i find die amel bündig, die iss-bilder. isch halt scho nüme nüt, de usseposchte.

und sie hends au feng gediege döt obe. i de space shuttles werdeds mit musigwünsch gweckt, und wenn es shuttle wiedermol chunnt go adocke, funkeds öppe so grüsig und "cool" wie i stargate... amis halt.
#105589 by @ 20.02.2008 14:23 - nach oben -
in cape canaveral simmer im I-Max 3d kino gsi. Voll geili bilder vo dä iss und bisch so dur di ganz station durä gsausst. has no kuul gfundä.
#105590 by @ 20.02.2008 17:46 - nach oben -
oidenbrehl!! i will au
#105593 by @ 20.02.2008 20:13 - nach oben -
jo döts goht ab. chasch au ines space shuttle ine und so.
#105594 by @ 20.02.2008 23:30 - nach oben -
voll. und i sonne apollo kapsle bini au no inäghocket. läk mir da müäst i au nöd ha. andersch übel eng döt innä.