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Moon over Byzantium

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Moon over Byzantium


Hiding near the Sun, a slender
is a difficult but
rewarding sight.

Look to the right (scroll right) and you can
spot one
in this twilight panorama across the Bosporus Strait and along the
skyline of the historic city of

Recorded on March 8, the Moon is a mere 22
hours young.

A thin, curved edge of the Moon's illuminated surface is just visible
poised in the
western sky
at sunset above the walls of

The palace was built in the reign of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II,
the 15th century conquerer of the city that was then
Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire.

The well-lit domed building immediately to the left of the
palace is Ayasofya
(Hagia Sophia),
a famous example of Byzantine architecture, now a museum.

Still farther to the left is the
Sultan Ahmed Mosque

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hehe.. istanbul truckt en ebe sho no.
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am könig vo byzanz sini ferieresidenz. gell?