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Saturn and Titan from Cassini

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Saturn and Titan from Cassini

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Saturn and its moon continue to be recorded by the Cassini spacecraft.

Launched from Earth in 1997, robotic Cassini
entered orbit around Saturn in 2004 and has revolutionized much of humanity's knowledge of Saturn, its expansive and
complex rings, and it many
old and battered moons.

Soon after reaching Saturn,
Cassini released the
Huygen's probe
which landed on
Saturn's largest moon, and send back
pictures from below
Titan's opaque cloud decks.

Recent radar images of Titan from Cassini indicate flat regions that are likely lakes of liquid methane, indicating a
complex weather system where it likely
rains chemicals similar to gasoline.

Pictured above,
magnificent Saturn and enigmatic Titan were imaged together in
true color by Cassini earlier this year.

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