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Sky Delights Over Sweden

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Sky Delights Over Sweden


This night was a
sky enthusiast's delight.

While relaxing in
last week, many a cosmic wonder was captured with a single snapshot.

They are described here from near to far.

In the foreground are nearby
and more distant
snow covered mountains.

In silhouette,
Clouds can be seen just above the horizon,
and a careful eye can even discern the more distant green and red
which occur in Earth's upper atmosphere.

Red emission nebulas dot the sky,
including the
Heart and Soul Nebulas,
IC 1396 and the
North America Nebula.

Running diagonally from the upper left to the lower right is the
majestic glowing band of our
Milky Way Galaxy's central plane..

More distant than everything else, appearing as it did over
two million years ago, is the Andromeda galaxy,
visible above the horizon toward on the lower left.

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