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M24: A Sagittarius Starscape

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M24: A Sagittarius Starscape

Many vast
star fields in the

plane of our
Milky Way Galaxy are rich in clouds of
dust, and gas.

First and foremost, visible in the
above picture are millions of stars,
many of which are similar to our

Next huge filaments of
dark interstellar dust
run across the image and block the light from millions
of more stars yet further across
our Galaxy.

The bright red region on the left is part of the
Omega Nebula, an
emission nebula of mostly hot
hydrogen gas also known as

A small bright grouping of stars near the image center is the
open cluster
M18, while the long bright streak of stars just right of center is

On the far right of the image is the picturesque red
emission nebula IC 1283 flanked by two blue

reflection nebulas
NGC 6589 and
NGC 6590.

These objects are visible with a small
telescope toward the constellation of

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so en chotz
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Dä Metti wird langsam aber sicher zu eim wo sich nur für Bier Fuessball und Blicklese interessiert...
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nei i find nur das bild grad nöd schö, git aber au geili APODs..
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und blickläsä und fuessball isch jo no de grösser mischt.
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Was no nöd isch cha jo no werde.
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han i au sgfühl. vorher würd i mol bungee jumping ohni seil vo de fürschtelandbrugg mache.
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goht sicher no ab...
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Es isch ebä scho nid gad schön
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gseht no läss us

wiäviel Stärnä sind da ächt?