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NGC 6823: Cloud Sculpting Star Cluster

Star cluster NGC 6823 is ready for its close-up.

The center of the open cluster,
visible on the upper right,
formed only about two million years ago and is
dominated in brightness by a host of
bright young blue stars.

Outer parts of the cluster,
visible above in the image center
as the stars and pillars of
emission nebula
NGC 6820, contain even younger stars.

The huge pillars of gas and
dust likely get their elongated shape by
erosion from hot radiation emitted from the
brightest cluster stars.

Striking dark globules
of gas and dust are also visible across the bottom of this image by the
25 year old
Canada France Hawaii Telescope.

Open star cluster
NGC 6823 spans
about 50 light years and lies about 6000
light years away toward the
constellation of Vulpecula (The Fox).

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#51416 by @ 05.10.2004 16:30 - nach oben -
uuuh, stärnli, so schöön wie die glitzeret...