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N11: A Giant Ring of Emission Nebulas

How did this unusually large nebula form?

One of the largest nebulas yet detected is actually a complex ring of
emission nebulas
connected by glowing filaments.

The unusual network, known as N11, spans over 1000
light years and is a
prominent structure of the
Large Magellanic Cloud,
the largest satellite galaxy of our
Milky Way Galaxy.

In the center of the
above image is open star cluster LH9, also known as NGC 1760,
composed of about 50 bright blue stars that emit radiation
that has eroded a hole in their surroundings.

A leading hypothesis
for the formation of N11 is shells of successive generations of
stars being formed further out from the center.

The bright region just above center is
an explosive domain where stars are being formed even today.

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