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The Averted Side Of The Moon

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The Averted Side Of The Moon

Explanation: This vintage 60-kopek stamp celebrates a dramatic achievement. On the 7th of October, 1959 (7/X/1959), the Soviet interplanetary station which has come to be called "Luna 3" successfully photographed the far side of the moon giving denizens of planet Earth their first ever view of this hidden hemisphere. Lacking the digital image technology familiar now, Luna 3 took the pictures on 35mm film which was automatically developed on board. The pictures were then scanned and the signal transmitted to Earth days later in what was perhaps also the first interplanetary fax. In all, seventeen pictures were received providing enough coverage and resolution to construct a far side map and identify a few major features. Depicted on the stamp are regions dubbed the Sea of Moscow, the Soviet Mountains, the Bay of Astronauts, and the Sea of Dreams.

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Dä Хрущёв (Chruschtschow) hät dänn nocher behauptet er würd dä Mond rot amolä.
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wär no e gueti idee gsi.
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aaawas. pink wär eh viel schönner
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jaja und die amis wollten dann halt coca-cola draufschreiben.