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Mosaic of Endurance Crater on Mars

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Mosaic of Endurance Crater on Mars

Where should this Martian rover explore next?

Possible choices for the
Opportunity rover team
on Earth
in early August were to send the
Martian robot inside
Endurance crater toward the arc-shaped
sand dunes on the left, the unusually shaped
rock on the right slope dubbed
Wopmay, and lower parts of Burns Cliff at the top of the
craters inner slopes.

The Opportunity rover team on
Earth chose 1-meter diameter rock
Wopmay as their next target, and
closer photographs are already being returned.

Below center of the
above mosaic is an area already explored by the rover.

Opportunity has recently found rocks in Endurance crater with a
network of cracks potentially indicative of
dried mud,
bolstering the case that Mars had a wet ancient past.

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