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Explanation: Is it magic? On a rare foggy night, mysterious laser beams seem to play across the MAGIC telescope at Roque de los Muchachos on the Canary Island of La Palma. The lasers are actually part of a system designed to automatically adjust the focusing of the innovative, seventeen meter wide, multi-mirrored instrument. The MAGIC (Major Atmospheric Gamma Imaging Cherenkov) telescope itself is intended to detect gamma rays - photons with over 100 billion times the energy of visible light. As the gamma rays impact the upper atmosphere they produce air showers of high-energy particles. The MAGIC camera records in detail the brief flashes of optical light, called Cherenkov light, created by the air shower particles that ultimately correspond to cosmic sources of extreme gamma-rays. While the MAGIC I telescope became operational this year, the dramatic picture shows the nearly completed version of the instrument in October 2003.

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#53196 by @ 16.10.2004 02:52 - nach oben -
Aaaawas. Lüged nöd!

In würklichkeit isch das eh ä Interplanetari Vernichtigswaffä zum Usserirdische bereits an dä Sonnesystemgrenzä z vaporisierä.
#53220 by @ 16.10.2004 14:12 - nach oben -
Do gits ä ganz ä lusachtigi story über diä schö kanare-Insel La-Palma. Mer mues emol dä letscht abschnitt vo dem Vulkanismus-Kapitel im entsprechende Wiki-Artikel läse.
#53195 by @ 16.10.2004 01:45 - nach oben -
Geile Lasershow
#53218 by @ 16.10.2004 14:05 - nach oben -
Doch, gseht scho ästhetisch us.