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Aurora Over Wisconsin

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#56867 by @ 18.11.2004 00:15 - nach oben -
Aurora Over Wisconsin

Explanation: The auroral displays of the past week are being reported as some of the most beautiful in memory. In particular, impressive auroral bands fanned out over much of eastern North America after sunset on November 8. The multicolored aurora pictured above was caught reflecting in one of the many small lakes in central Wisconsin near that time. Continued solar activity might create more aurora visible over the next few nights as the Leonids meteor shower peaks. News flash: NASA air breathing jet sets new air speed record.

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#56877 by @ 18.11.2004 08:52 - nach oben -
woa das bild findi dä wahnsinn!!!
#56887 by @ 18.11.2004 10:29 - nach oben -
s'bild jo, aber i glob es würd recht dristrahle da chind in echt z'ha.
#56977 by @ 18.11.2004 21:04 - nach oben -
Phänomen ahniter?
glaube ist ungefährlich
#56979 by @ 18.11.2004 21:14 - nach oben -
gseht mer am südpol eh jedä tag...