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Welcome to Planet Earth

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#62403 by @ 03.01.2005 00:00 - nach oben -
Welcome to Planet Earth

Explanation: Welcome to Planet Earth, the third planet from a star named the Sun. The Earth is shaped like a sphere and composed mostly of rock. Over 70 percent of the Earth's surface is water. The planet has a relatively thin atmosphere composed mostly of nitrogen and oxygen. Earth has a single large Moon that is about 1/4 of its diameter and, from the planet's surface, is seen to have almost exactly the same angular size as the Sun. With its abundance of liquid water, Earth supports a large variety of life forms, including potentially intelligent species such as dolphins and humans. Please enjoy your stay on Planet Earth. News: APOD editor to speak in January in New York

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#62500 by @ 03.01.2005 19:41 - nach oben -
wähhh! so än scheiss-grüssigä planet!
#62501 by @ 03.01.2005 19:43 - nach oben -
irgendwiä isch scho chli piiinlich, du versuechs sit johre d'menschheit vernichte...aber d'wachtumsrote isch immer nonig am sinke....voll billig echt
#62509 by @ 03.01.2005 20:09, edited @ 03.01.2005 20:09 - nach oben -
da mit dä wachstumsrate isch nur än propaganda-trick vo dä UNO. in würklichkeit het mer dä kofi scho aglütet und mi bittet, i söll doch endlich mini erdbebäerzüg-wettermanipulations-meteoritäumlenk-terrorismusgenerierigs-und-supernova-uslös-maschine emol abschalte. mach i aber nöd.
#62689 by @ 04.01.2005 19:59 - nach oben -
demfall hesch du die fluetwelle erzügt?