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A Mysterious Streak Above Hawaii

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#66660 by @ 09.02.2005 00:00 - nach oben -
A Mysterious Streak Above Hawaii

What in heavens-above was that?

Not everything seen on the night sky is understood.

The Night Sky Live
(NSL) project keeps its global array of continuously
updating web cameras (CONCAMs) always watching the night sky.

On the night of 2004 December 17, the
CONCAM perched on top of an
active volcano in
saw something moving across the night sky that remains mysterious.

The NSL team might have disregarded the above streak as unconfirmed,
but the Mauna Kea CONCAM
on the next Hawaiian island recorded the
same thing.

The NSL team might then have disregarded the streak as a satellite,
but no record of it was found in the
site that usually documents bright satellite events.

If you think you have a
reasonable explanation for the streak,
please contribute to the on-line discussion.

Current candidates include a known satellite that was somehow missed by
a recently launched rocket, and a
passing space rock.

Volunteers are solicited by the NSL project to help
monitor the operability of each NSL CONCAM,
including looking for
interesting anomalies such as this.

Disclosure: Robert Nemiroff collaborates on both the
NSL and
APOD projects.

Credit & Copyright
#66753 by @ 10.02.2005 19:09 - nach oben -
s'nochscht mol schalt i dä tarnfeldgenerator wieder a. verbrucht zwor jenschtes antimateriä, aber was sölls....