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Sunspot Metamorphosis: From Bottom to Top

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#67368 by @ 17.02.2005 00:00 - nach oben -
Sunspot Metamorphosis: From Bottom to Top

Explanation: Sunspots -- magnets the size of the Earth -- are normally seen flat on the Sun. The above digital metamorphosis, however, shows a sunspot as it appears at increasing heights, effectively in three dimensions. The above false-colored image sequence of solar active region AR 10675 was taken in three very specific colors that effectively isolate different layers above the solar surface. The first images show the Sun's photospheric surface as it normally appears, covered with granules. The large dark sunspot sports a clear dark umbra in the center surrounded by a lighter penumbra. Images appearing toward the middle of the sequence show the Sun as in light predominantly emitted a few hundred kilometers above the photosphere. At this height, the continent sized bubbling granules appear reversed, and long lines of constant magnetic force begin to appear. The last images show the Sun at a few thousand kilometers into the chromosphere. Here magnetic field lines can be clearly followed outward from the sunspot to distant regions.

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#67377 by @ 17.02.2005 08:43 - nach oben -
züched eu no s'grosse pic ine...
#67384 by @ 17.02.2005 11:27 - nach oben -
voll krass. artet jo regelrecht us. *schlurrrrp*
#67385 by @ 17.02.2005 11:33 - nach oben -
*schlurrrrp* wa isch da füre grüüsch ?
#67393 by @ 17.02.2005 15:06 - nach oben -
ein lautstark einsaugendes.
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vomene pirrrrat
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säb mue zwor nöd unbedingt si.