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Ski Enceladus

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#67982 by @ 25.02.2005 00:00 - nach oben -
Ski Enceladus


Small, icy, inner
moon of Saturn,
Enceladus is only about 500 kilometers
in diameter.

But the distant world does reflect over 90 percent
of the sunlight it receives, giving its surface about the
same reflectivity as fresh snow.

in a sharp view from the
Cassini spacecraft's recent
flyby, Enceladus
shows a variety of surface features and very few impact craters -
indicating that it has been an active world even though
this tiny moon should have completely cooled off long ago.

In fact, the resurfaced appearance of
Enceladus could be the
result of liquid water geysers or

Since Enceladus orbits within the outer E ring
of Saturn,
the moon's surface may be kept snow-bright as it is continuously
bombarded with icy ring particles.

on Enceladus itself would in turn supply material
to the E ring.

ski bums take
note: tiny Enceladus has only about 1/100th
the surface gravity of planet Earth
and a surface temperature of -200 degrees C (-330 degrees F).

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#67993 by @ 25.02.2005 07:28 - nach oben -
möhed mer do dä SKItag?
#68001 by @ 25.02.2005 08:41 - nach oben -
-200°C isch schono recht chalt nöd?
#68002 by @ 25.02.2005 09:02 - nach oben -
muäsch di hald warm alege du hurre susi
#68003 by @ 25.02.2005 11:22 - nach oben -
am beschte mol über ä schanze springe :) mit 1/100 g machsch glatt en neue Solarrekord uf de Sprungschanze :D
#68030 by @ 25.02.2005 16:27 - nach oben -
anderersit chasch nöd recht beschleunigä. das goht wiederum au nöd grad ab.
#68033 by @ 25.02.2005 17:41 - nach oben -
aber chasch bim abspringe eimol recht d'bei düredrugge, dänn flügsch andersch durd gägend.
#68064 by @ 25.02.2005 22:39 - nach oben -
andersch, denn wöri mol als erscht dä weltrekord im hochsprung bräche und zwor mit guet 150m.
#68066 by @ 25.02.2005 22:43, edited @ 25.02.2005 22:43 - nach oben -
halbi schwerchraft = 4 mol höher gumpä
1/100 Schwerchraft = 10'000 mol höher gumpä
durchschnittlich Sprunghöhe eines nicht trainierten hochspringers auf der Erde = 1.5m
durchschnittlich Sprunghöhe eines nicht trainierten hochspringers auf Enceladus = 15 km

DaKine, hesch idä physik nöt ufpasst?!