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Moon, Mercury, Monaco

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Moon, Mercury, Monaco


Low on the western horizon after sunset, a
slender crescent Moon and
wandering planet Mercury join
the lights of Menton and Monaco
along the French Riviera.

Vincent Jacques took advantage of this
gorgeous photo opportunity
a week ago on March 11, when the Moon and Mercury
were separated in the sky by just three degrees.

Of course, the Moon in a slender crescent
is always

seen near the horizon, as is Mercury - a bright planet which
can otherwise be difficult to glimpse as it never strays far
from the Sun in Earth's sky.

In the coming days
good views of Mercury will indeed be
fleeting as the solar system's
is rapidly
dropping closer to the glare of the setting Sun.

But tonight a waxing Moon will join another bright planet
wandering overhead
through the evening sky,

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