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Sideways Galaxy NGC 3628

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Sideways Galaxy NGC 3628


Dark dust lanes cutting across the middle of this gorgeous
island universe strongly hint that
NGC 3628 is a spiral galaxy
seen sideways.

About 35 million light-years away in the
northern springtime
, NGC 3628 also
bears the distinction of being the only member of the well known
of galaxies not in Charles
Messier's famous catalog.

Otherwise similar in size to our
Milky Way galaxy, the disk of
NGC 3628 is clearly seen to fan out near the galaxy's

A faint arm of material also extends up and to the left in
this deep
of the region.

The distorted shape and
tidal tail suggest that
NGC 3628
is interacting gravitationally with the other spiral galaxies in
the Leo triplet,
M66 and M65.

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