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A Martian Dust Devil Passes

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#72790 by @ 27.04.2005 00:00 - nach oben -
A Martian Dust Devil Passes

What goes there across the plains of Mars?

A dust devil.

For the first time,
definitive movies of the famous spinning
dust towers have been created from
ground level.

The robot rover Spirit has now imaged several
dust devils
from its hillside perch just within the past two months.

Each image in the above sequence
was taken about 20 seconds apart.

Inspection of the digitally resized images show the passing
dust devil
raising Martian dust so thick that it casts a

The new dust devil movies have been made possible
by a new hybrid interaction system where the
robot Spirit on
takes many images and humans on Earth inspect thumbnails
and decide which full resolution images to send back.

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#72807 by @ 27.04.2005 10:20 - nach oben -
Staubtüüfel? Händs da usere Asthmatikerwerbig oder wie?
#72886 by @ 27.04.2005 22:09 - nach oben -
Hat nichts mit Asthma zu tun. Ist eher als Putzdienst für verstaubte Solarzellen geeignet.