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Deep Impact Spacecraft Hurtles Toward Comet

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Deep Impact Spacecraft Hurtles Toward Comet

Explanation: What happens when you crash into a comet? That was a question considered by astronomers when they designed the Deep Impact mission, launched in January. This coming July 4, the Deep Impact spaceship will reach its target - Comet Tempel 1 -- and release an impactor over five times the mass of a person toward its surface. The mothership will photograph the result. The remaining crater may tell how Tempel 1 is constructed. If, for example, Comet Tempel 1 is an extremely loose pile of debris, the impactor may leave little or no discernable crater. On the other hand, if the comet's surface is relatively firm, the impactor's ripple may leave quite a large crater. A contest is even being held to predict the size of the resulting crater. Pictured above is an artist's impression of the initial encounter between the spacecraft and the comet.

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i finds jo easy wenns geld für forschig usgend und denke da bruchts, aber wa das experiment wos do usprobieret für än sinn hät frog i mi jetzt wörkli...
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stoht wönd usefinde uswa das da teil isch.
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da hani au gläsä, aber wa bringts wenns wüssed das dä tempel 1 eher weich als hart isch?
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denn weiss mer wo er im sol-system enstande isch und möglicherwies au wenn
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Sölli jetzt mol chli Verschwörigsmässig spekuliere?
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nei, mir hend deep impact au gseh...