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Tornado and Rainbow Over Kansas

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Tornado and Rainbow Over Kansas

The scene might have been considered serene if it weren't for the

Last June in Kansas,
storm chaser Eric Nguyen photographed this budding twister in a different light -- the light of a

Pictured above, a white tornado cloud descends from a dark storm cloud.

The Sun, peeking through a clear
patch of sky to the left, illuminates some buildings in the
foreground. Sunlight reflects off raindrops to form a

By coincidence, the
tornado appears to end right
over the rainbow.

Streaks in the image are hail being swept about by the
high swirling winds. Over 1,000 tornadoes, the most
violent type of storm known, occur on
Earth every year, many in tornado alley.

If you see a tornado
while driving, do not try to outrun it -- park your car safely,
go to
a storm cellar, or crouch under steps in a basement.

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#75164 by @ 14.06.2005 17:35 - nach oben -
en traum da foti
#75185 by @ 14.06.2005 21:09 - nach oben -
ha gar nöd gwüsst dass en regeboge raucht...