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Visitors' Galaxy Gallery

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Visitors' Galaxy Gallery


A tantalizing assortment of
island universes is assembled here.

From top left to bottom right are the lovely but distant galaxies
NGC 4449,
NGC 4725,
NGC 5068,
NGC 5247,

Most are spiral galaxies
more or less like our own
Milky Way.

The color images reveal distinct pink patches marking the glowing
hydrogen gas clouds in star forming regions along the graceful
spiral arms.

While Virgo cluster galaxy
M61 is perhaps the most striking of these spirals,
the interesting
galaxy pair
NGC 5775/5774 neatly contrasts the characteristic
spiral edge-on and face-on appearance.

The one exception
this parade
of photogenic spiral galaxies is
the small and relatively close irregular galaxy NGC 4449 (top middle).

Similar to the Large
Magellanic Cloud
, companion galaxy to the
Milky Way, NGC 4449 also sports young blue star clusters and
pink star forming regions.

All the
in this gallery
were imaged with a small
(16 inch diameter) reflecting telescope
and digital camera by public participants in the
Kitt Peak National Observatory
Visitor Center's Advanced Observing Program.

Credit & Copyright