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A Swift Look at Tempel 1

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A Swift Look at Tempel 1


Comet Tempel 1 is
targeted for a collision
with the impactor probe from NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft
at about 1:52am EDT on July 4th
time zones

Cameras on the impactor probe and the flyby spacecraft will
capture close-up images of the event -
to produce

a crater on the surface of the comet's nucleus.

Of course,
and ground-based telescopes will be watching
too, including instruments on the
Swift satellite normally used to
gamma-ray bursts
in the distant universe.

Swift's ultraviolet telescope recorded
this picture of Tempel 1
on June 29th.

Because the image is registered on the comet,
the background stars appear as short trails.

Want to follow the encounter?

Media coverage chronicling the event, and the possibilities for
viewing the comet
with small telescopes can be found through the
Impact website

Updated images will
also be available from the
Kitt Peak
National Observatory

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