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The Landscape on Comet Tempel 1

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The Landscape on Comet Tempel 1


This diverse landscape is the surface of
comet Temple 1's
nucleus as seen by the Deep Impact probe's
Targeting Sensor

Within minutes of
the rugged view
, the landscape
had changed dramatically though, as
the impactor smashed into the surface near
the two large, half kilometer-sized craters at picture center.

are that the probe penetrated well below the surface
before vaporizing, sending a relatively narrow plume of
debris blasting back into space.

Researchers are still speculating on the final size of
the crater produced by the
July 4th comet crash, but material
continues to spew from the impact site and has caused
faint comet
to brighten significantly.

Determining the crater dimensions and analyzing the
debris ejected from the comet's interior will
provide premier insights into the formation of
Tempel 1
, a primordial chunk of our own solar system.

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