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Launch of the Red Bird

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Launch of the Red Bird


Glare and exhaust from the three stage, solid fuel
M-V-6 rocket punctuates a perfect launch of the
Astro-E2 observatory.

The dramatic picture was taken at the
Space Center

on July 10 at 12:30 JST.

For dedicated astronomers,
a celebration is definitely
in order as this launch is a reflight of the Astro-E payload,
originally destroyed in a launch failure
in February 2000.

Now being checked out in Earth orbit, the
innovative instrumentation on board the
satellite will explore
the Universe in
energetic x-rays.

Following a tradition of renaming satellites after their
successful launch,
Astro-E2 has been
newly dubbed Suzaku.

Suzaku, a phoenix-like deity in mythology
with the southern part of the sky, is a 'Red Bird'.

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#76871 by @ 13.07.2005 22:25 - nach oben -
ä rechts zäpfli, hä!
#76873 by @ 13.07.2005 23:18 - nach oben -
awas...das flutscht doch wiä nünt hrr hrr

(dä hesch selber z verantwortä ;-) )