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The International Space Station from Orbit

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The International Space Station from Orbit

The International Space Station (ISS) is the largest
human-made object ever to orbit the

Late last month and earlier this month, the station was
visited and resupplied by
space shuttle

The ISS is currently operated by the Expedition 11 crew, consisting a Russian and an American astronaut.

After departing the ISS, the crew of Discovery captured
this spectacular vista of the orbiting
space city.

Visible components include modules,
trusses, and expansive
solar arrays
that gather sunlight that is turned into needed

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Fett, ich dachte, es hätte noch nicht so viel Sachen dran.
Wobei, fertig ist sie ja noch lange nicht. Aber sieht immerhin bereits nach Space Station aus.
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traumhaft gell!