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The View from Husband Hill on Mars

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The View from Husband Hill on Mars

Scroll right to see a breathtaking panorama of
Mars from the top of Husband Hill.

The image was taken by the robotic rover Spirit now exploring the
red planet.

Spirit, situated in expansive
Gusev Crater, has been exploring the
Columbia Hills
for some time including climbing
Husband Hill over the last few months.

On the way up, Spirit took in a color vista from
Larry's Lookout.

Visible in the
above image is the vast eastern landscape
previously blocked from view by the Columbia Hills themselves.

The horizon is mostly defined by the rim of
Thira crater visible some 15 kilometers in the distance.

will now examine rocks and soil
at the top of
Husband Hill, looking for clues as to how the hills and
local rocks formed in the
distant past.

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