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WMAP Resolves the Universe

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WMAP Resolves the Universe

Analyses of a new high-resolution map of
microwave light emitted only 380,000 years after the
Big Bang appear to define
our universe
more precisely than ever before.

The eagerly awaited results announced last year from the orbiting
Microwave Anisotropy Probe resolve several
long-standing disagreements in
cosmology rooted in less precise data.

present analyses of
above WMAP all-sky image
indicate that the universe is 13.7 billion years old
(accurate to 1 percent), composed of 73 percent
dark energy, 23 percent
dark matter, and only 4 percent
is currently expanding at the rate of 71 km/sec/Mpc (accurate to 5 percent),
underwent episodes of rapid expansion called
inflation, and will
expand forever.

Astronomers will likely research the
foundations and
implications of
these results for years to come.

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