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#81094 by @ 17.10.2005 00:00 - nach oben -
Astronomy Quilt of the Week

Demonstrating her mastery of a
imaging technique
quilter and
astronomy enthusiast Judy Ross
has produced this spectacular composition of "Astronomy
Quilt Piece of the Week".

Her year-long effort resulted in an arrangement for a six by seven foot
quilt consisting
of 52 individual pieces
(11 inches by 8 inches), one for each week,
which she reports were inspired by her steady diet of
APOD's daily offerings.

Some of the pieces are based on actual pictures, such as the
Hubble Space Telescope's
view of planet forming
AB Aurigae or Bill Keel's image of the
nearby Pinwheel Galaxy.

Others, with titles like
the Blue
Carpet Nebula
Contemplates Black Hole
, are from her own creative imaginings.

Credit & Copyright
#81099 by @ 17.10.2005 07:35 - nach oben -
wa isch da wieder für en huere müll!
#81112 by @ 17.10.2005 15:38 - nach oben -
kunscht du spack
#81113 by @ 17.10.2005 16:33 - nach oben -
en scheiss kunscht!! en drecks ami-quilt du spasst. min grandmother macht au so huere gmoscht.
#81117 by @ 18.10.2005 07:54 - nach oben -
kunscht... e produkt useme behindertekurs isch da!