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The Drifts of Mars

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The Drifts of Mars

What would it be like to walk across Mars?

The robot
Opportunity rover is currently experiencing what it is like to
roll across part of the red planet.

It's not always easy -- the rover is being instructed to dodge the deeper
drifts of dark sand.

During its exploration of
Erebus Crater, the rover stopped and took the
above picture.

Inside this part of
Erebus Crater,
the surface of mars is covered not only by dark
sand but also
light outcrops of rock.

Scattered across the exposed rock are numerous small round pebbles known as
blueberries .

Typically smaller than
marbles, these unexpected and
unusual rocks likely formed by
accretion in an ancient wet environment.

Also visible are some strange protruding edges known as

The above image
was taken early last month.

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