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Proxima Centauri: The Closest Star

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Proxima Centauri: The Closest Star

What is the closest star to our

It is Proxima Centauri, the nearest member of the
Alpha Centauri triple star system.

Light takes only 4.22 years to reach us from
Proxima Centauri.

This small red star, captured in the center of the
above image,

is so faint that it was only
discovered in 1915 and is only visible through a telescope.

Stars of all types from our
Milky Way Galaxy
are visible in the background.

The brightest star in the Alpha Centauri
system is quite similar to our Sun,
has been known as long as recorded history, and is the third brightest star in the
night sky.

The Alpha Centauri system is primarily visible from
Earth's Southern Hemisphere.

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vili, vili, bunti smarties!