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Apollo 17: Last on the Moon

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Apollo 17: Last on the Moon


In December of 1972,
Apollo 17
astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt spent about
75 hours on
the Moon, in the Taurus-Littrow valley,
while colleague Ronald Evans orbited overhead.

Near the beginning of their third and final
across the
, Schmitt took this picture of Cernan
flanked by an American flag and their
lunar rover's
umbrella-shaped high-gain antenna.

The prominent
Sculptured Hills lie in the
background while Schmitt's reflection can just be made
out in Cernan's helmet.

The Apollo 17 crew
returned with 110 kilograms of rock and soil
samples, more than from any of the other
lunar landing sites.

Cernan and Schmitt are still the last to
walk on the Moon.

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die fakes werden echt immer besser
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debii sötteds doch langsam wüsse, dass d flagge still stoh sött und mer no en paar sternli sött gseh ;-)
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jodu, lueg mol wie sie sich bewegt, i gseh sie flattere wie en kolibri
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ha! dä zuefall! han gad au spontan müäsä anen kolibri denkä!
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1 0\/\/n u!!1!