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A Year at Saturn

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A Year at Saturn


Arriving at Saturn in July of 2004, the
Cassini spacecraft
has now spent a year and a half exploring the
magnificent rings and moons of the distant gas giant.

The year 2005 began with Cassini's
Huygens probe landing
on Saturn's large moon Titan.

Cassini's continuing series of close flybys
also revealed
details and discoveries
across the surface of the smog shrouded moon.

In fact, with a ringside
seat throughout 2005, Cassini's cameras
have made spectacular pictures of Titan along with
other moons
and rings
common place

But often, Saturn itself provided the most dramatic backdrop.

In this
, Saturn's moon Dione lies in front of edge-on
rings and the gas giant's cloud tops draped with broad
ring shadows.

Dione is 1,118 kilometers across
and lies about 300,000 kilometers from the ring's edge.

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