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Apollo 17's Moonship

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Apollo 17's Moonship


Awkward and angular looking, Apollo 17's lunar module
was designed for flight in the vacuum of space.

This picture from command module
shows Challenger's ascent stage in lunar orbit.

Small reaction control thrusters are at the sides of
with the bell of the
ascent rocket engine underneath.

The hatch allowing
to the lunar surface
is seen at the front,
with a round radar antenna at the top.

Mission commander Gene Cernan is just visible through
the dark, triangular winodw.

This spaceship performed gracefully, landing on the Moon
the Apollo astronauts to the orbiting command module
in December of 1972.

So where is Challenger now?

Its descent stage
remains at the
Apollo 17 landing site, Taurus-Littrow.

The ascent stage was intentionally crashed nearby
after being jettisoned from the command module prior to
astronauts' return
to planet Earth.

Apollo 17's mission
was the sixth and last time astronauts
have landed on the Moon.

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scheiss alu-raumschiff... tss!