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An Unusually Smooth Surface on Saturn's Telesto

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An Unusually Smooth Surface on Saturn's Telesto

Why is Saturn's small moon Telesto so smooth?

Possibly Telesto
is covered with a type of granular icy material similar to that suspected of covering
Pandora, another of Saturn's small moons.

If so, Telesto might be
more like a pile of rubble
than a solid body.

This recently uncovered
Solar System
mystery is currently a topic of research, however.

The unexpected finding originated last October when the
robot Cassini spacecraft,
currently orbiting
swooped past the 24-kilometer moon and captured the
first ever image of Telesto's surface.

Telesto orbits Saturn always just ahead of the much
larger moon Tethys.

Pictured above,
Telesto's unusually smooth surface was found to show some
large craters and
boulders, but not the high density of craters found on nearby
Tethys or most other Saturnian moons.

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