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Enceladus Near Saturn

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Enceladus Near Saturn

Some images of Saturn appear surreal.

Earlier this year, the robot
spacecraft Cassini
now orbiting Saturn took this
surreal image of the gas giant
Saturn, its majestic
rings, and its enigmatic world
Enceladus all in one frame.

Enceladus, recently found to
emit jets of ice from
possible underground seas,
appears white as its surface is covered with relatively clean water-ice.

Below Enceladus are the rings of Saturn, seen nearly
edge on.

Compared to Enceladus, Saturn's rings show their comparatively high density of dirt with their golden-brown color in
this natural color image.

The planet Saturn, in the background, appears
relatively featureless
with the exception of thin ring shadows visible on the upper left.

The terminator
between night and day is seen vertically across the face of this distant world.

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