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A Solar Prominence from SOHO

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A Solar Prominence from SOHO

How can gas float above the Sun?

Twisted magnetic fields arching from
>the solar surface can trap ionized gas, suspending it in huge looping structures.

These majestic plasma arches
are seen as prominences above the solar limb.

In September 1999, this dramatic and detailed
image was recorded by the EIT experiment on board
>the space-based SOHO observatory
in the light emitted by
ionized Helium.

It shows hot plasma escaping into space as a fiery prominence breaks
free from >magnetic confinement a hundred thousand kilometers above the Sun.

These awesome events
bear watching as they
can affect communications and power systems over
100 million kilometers away on
Planet Earth.

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wie de scratch wo gad gnüsslich wött i sini haselnuss bisse
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id nuss biisse? du häsch jo assoziatione!