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Star Clouds over Arizona

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Star Clouds over Arizona

The clouds in the foreground are much different than the clouds in the background.

In the foreground are a photogenic deck of Earth-based
water clouds.

The long exposure used to create the
above photograph
makes the light from the left, reflected from
appear like a sunset.

Far in the distance, however, are star clouds from the disk of our
Milky Way Galaxy.

Billions of stars like our Sun live there, circling our Galactic center every 200 million years.

Contrast between the water clouds and the star clouds has been
digitally enhanced.

Between the two, visible on the upper right, is the
planet Jupiter.

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#86026 by @ 25.04.2006 06:30 - nach oben -
hlz, das städt soviel liecht produzieret das das mitere gwüsse belüchtig usgseht wie en sunneundergang...