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The Road to Victoria Crater on Mars

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The Road to Victoria Crater on Mars

Here is a
road never traveled.

To get to
Victoria Crater on
Mars, the rolling robotic rover Opportunity must traverse the landscape
shown above.

Victoria Crater lies about one
kilometer ahead.

The intervening terrain shows a series of
light rock outcrops that appears like some sort of
cobblestone road.

Surrounding this naturally-occurring Martian road, is Martian
sand ripples that must be
navigated around.

Inspection of the outcrop road shows it to be sprinkled with many
small round rocks dubbed

Opportunity and its sister robot Spirit
their third year exploring Mars.

Within the next month, planetary scientists hope to maneuver
Opportunity across
Meridiani Planum
to get a good view of 800-meter diameter Victoria Crater.

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