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The Moving Moons of Saturn

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The Moving Moons of Saturn

The moons of Saturn never stop.

A space traveler orbiting the
ringed giant planet
would witness a continuing
silent dance where Saturn's
>multiple moons pass near each other in numerous combinations.

Like a miniature
Solar System,
the innermost moons
>orbit Saturn the fastest.

The >above movie was centered on Saturn's moon
Rhea, so that the moons
Mimas and
Enceladus appear to glide by.

At 1,500 kilometers across,
is over three times larger than the comparably sized
Mimas and

The Sun illuminates the scene from the lower right,
giving all of the moons the same
crescent phase.

The >above time lapse movie was created by the Saturn-orbiting robotic
Cassini spacecraft
over a period of about 40 minutes.

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